Monday, October 24, 2011

The North Carolina State Fair... even more undignified

This will probably be a shocker to most of you, because it is to almost everyone I meet.  But last week was the first time I had ever been to the State Fair.  Yes, I've been here 18 years and had never been to the North Carolina State Fair until last Thursday.  And to be honest, it doesn't seem like I was missing out on too much.

I went with a great group of people, my Bible study, on Thursday so it was a lot of fun.  Then on Friday I went again with some friends from school and that was great.  But looking at the fair objectively, it's just a money trap.  Everything is way over-priced and all (well, almost all) of the food was covered in grease or fried.

Don't get me wrong.  Being from North Carolina I feel like it was an experience that I should have, and going with the right people can make it amazing.  I just wasn't blown away.

So now for the second part of this title, "even more undignified".

I went to church with my friend Delise on Sunday and the word undignified was in one of the songs.  It wasn't even the main point of the song, but that word was just stuck in my head.  Soon to follow this song by the David Crowder Band (see below) started playing, or rather, the chorus did.  Over and over, I couldn't get it out of my head, and I didn't really want to.  It just reminded me that being loved by our amazing God is something to revel in, it's something to put out there, throwing pride and concern for self-image out the window in rejoicing in Him.  King David danced in the streets for goodness sake! (2 Samuel 6:14-16)  If the king of the Israelite people was willing to make a fool of himself in the streets (a fool in people's eyes, not in the eyes of the Lord) then why are we so afraid to let loose and praise Him with all of our might?

I hope you'll listen to this song, and maybe even as you do dance and jump around where ever you happen to be.  Because God more than deserves our whole hearted praise.