Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who needs sleep anyways...

Lately I have had quite a bit of school work.  What, with spring break coming up, midterm season is just getting started good.  Being the great adventurer of academia that I am...  I have decided that working out (most days) and getting my homework done is more important than going to bed at a reasonable hour.  Is this the smartest decision?  I will be one of the first in line to say that it's not, but that is the way that it is.

I have been told that reaching a certain point of sleep deprivation is the same as being intoxicated, and I am inclined to believe them.  There will be weeks, or, more normally, a couple of weeks where the amount of sleep I get is way below the amount that I need, and I can get pretty loopy.

Writing this, I have realized the irony of my sitting here doing this instead of going to bed, but I'm at the point where it's going to be a battle to get up in the morning no matter what, so I might as well just use my time.

For those of you who are interested, the weather in Raleigh, and probably over the whole of North Carolina is kind of crazy right now.  Maybe three days ago*?* it was sleeting and snowing, and today it was a balmy sixty degrees and sunny.  Now, it's thundering, threatening to storm if it's not storming already.  While I heard that the weather doesn't really have anything to do with catching a cold, or a cough, I find it easier to just blame it on the weather that there is now a frog living in my throat.  I wake up in the mornings, and the first few words I say, I sounds like a man.  If I were, in fact, male, that wouldn't be a problem, but since I'm not, I would really appreciate it if this frog would just leave me alone.

In other news,  I am getting a hair cut over spring break.  Not like a trim, or a couple of inches.  Right now my hair is down to my mid-back, straight, and blonde.  After this cut, it will still be straight and blonde, but it'll only be a couple of inches long.  I'm going for a drastic change with a pixie cut.  I'll try to post some before and after pics if I remember to.

And now, I should probably go to bed...

God Bless,